I am a landscape artist based in the Mearns in the North East of Scotland.

Working almost exclusively in watercolour, I am inspired by Mearns landscapes and seascapes. Working from a combination of sketches, images and visual memory, I try to get as close as I can to the original experience of being in the landscape in order to create a sense of place.

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I tend to work on a series of paintings linked either by theme or location. Each season I try to re-visit favourite areas but I also try to explore a new area or one where I haven't worked for a while. Once I feel comfortable with a particular location, I spend time there. A series of works can be the result of a winter's afternoon in local woodland or an early morning walk on St Cyrus beach. With he help of digital images which help establish the composition, I can then explore what I want to say. I have never sought to make radical changes to my painting style; I try to let the work develop gradually. People tell me it has.
'...a celebration of ordinary things: dark lines of trees against the heat of a July afternoon, field patterns in early August, the washed out dried grasses of a late September field edge. And always the light itself, constantly changing under unpredictable skies...' (Tolquhon Gallery Catalogue)
October Field Edge (2010)