Review of 2010 Tolquhon Gallery Exhibition by Roddy Phillips in The Press & Journal, September 2010

...Sharing the gallery space is another expert draughtsman and watercolourist, D.E. Johnston, who creates traditional scenes of stunning quiet and palpable atmosphere. Many of these works are wintry or spring-like in subjects and have a paired-down quality that is direct, elegant and seemingly under-achieved. Johnston is expert at capturing the subtleties of weather and light, and his pictures are a serene joy.

Intimate Show of Mearns Life 2007 Exhibition at Tolquhon Gallery: Roddy Phillips, Press & Journal, 2nd April, 2007.

Early Snows, Garvock
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In his fifth solo exhibition at the Tolquhon Gallery, near Tarves, Johnston brings the Mearns to life in a series of watercolours that are gentle, charming and highly evocative. They could be illustrations for the Mearns novels of Lewis Grassic Gibbon - the fields, the lanes, the farms are all in place, perfectly painted with a masterful, deft brush and an eye for the effects of the ever-shifting light.

Johnston's paintings also have a plaintive purity about them that is completely captivating, and a haunting aspect that brings you
back time and again. This delightful exhibition runs at the Tolquhon Gallery ... and should not be missed.
The watercolour artist D. E. Johnston lives in the Mearns where he was born and brought up. Consequently, his subject matter is all around him every day and perhaps this intimate knowledge has helped him capture it so brilliantly.